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Australian Distributor for SME Titan220e

SPM Equipment Ltd is the exclusive Australian distributor for Specialized Maintenance Equipment Inc (SME).

SME is a Canadian producer of hi-tech, heavy duty equipment that provides fast, smart, and safe solutions for the international mining industry. We deliver, support, and service the revolutionary truck jacking system - Titan220e - throughout Australia.

The SPM Equipment team has a deep understanding of the safety and productivity challenges involving safety and maintenance on mine sites from both an operational and management perspective.

The team looks forward to engaging with clients to introduce the potential for transformative change in maintenance practices.


Get Ready for the Future

The patented, electric Titan220e is positioned under the front or rear axle lifting trucks safely and quickly - using remote control with the operator positioned outside of the equipment footprint.

It lifts the entire axle in one movement with 4 steps


Once the haul truck is in position with wheel chocks secured, steer the Titan into place using the wireless radio remote control, from a safe distance.


After visually confirming that the device is perfectly positioned, raise its tyres, lower the body, and lift the truck - all using the remote. Secondary mechanical safety locks then automatically activate.


Once the truck is at the correct height, lower the Titan220e onto the mechanical safety lock, and turn off.


The multifunctional hood even helps you get to hard to access places without reaching for a ladder.

Advantages of the Titan220e

Eliminates Manual Handling of Jacks / Stands and can Reduce Task Time


(time in minutes)


(time in minutes)

Place jack under axle’s right side <> 3 <> 5
Lift axle’s right side <> 4 <> 5
Place safety stands under axle’s right side N/A <> 5
Lower axle’s right side <> 3 N/A
Place jack under axle’s left side N/A <> 5
Relocate safety stands under axle’s left side N/A <> 5
Lift axle’s left side N/A <> 5
Lower axle’s left side N/A N/A
Complete operation time <> 10 minutes <> 30 minutes
Why Titan220e

Manual Handling Jacks/Stands Safety Risks Eliminated & Task Time Reductions Available using the Titan220e


The current manual jacking practices are inherently risky as they rely on manual handling of the jacks and stands - placing personnel inside the truck’s footprint.

Using a radio remote control, trained personnel can operate the Titian220e to lift and secure the complete front or rear axle of a 240-400 ton class haul truck. The potential risk of manual handling injury is eliminated through an engineered solution.

Safety Share - Tandem Lift Dangers


Potential Task Time Savings

Tech Specs

Built for Safety & Strength

  • Length - 3740 mm
  • Width - 2083 mm
  • Retracted Height - 909 mm (low profile)
  • Max. Ground Clearance -102 mm
  • Full Lifting Extension - 711 mm
  • Footprint - 6 m²
  • Primary - Hydraulic locking valves
  • Secondary - Mechanical locking arms
  • Speed - 2 to 5 kmph
  • Electric, dual, rear steering
  • Solideal magnum traction
  • Hydraulic oil - ISO 32 or Equivalent
  • Complete - 9,798 kgs
  • Adaptor Package - 465 kgs
  • Battery - 998 kgs
  • 220 tonnes
  • Hydro static, dual, front wheel drive

Emergency Disconnect; Status Lights; Manual Horn; Lock; Unlock; Wheels Up; Wheels Down; Turn Left; Turn Right; On-Off Switch; Lights; Lifting Device Up; Lifting Device Down; Forward; Reverse


Maintenance: free battery.

Battery capacity: It is measured considering a ‘typical lifting cycle’ of a driving time of 6 minutes, and a haul truck lifting plus securing time of 3 minutes. One such lifting cycle consumes around 10Ah.

For Example: If you run this jack cycle 12 times, the power utilization equals 50% depth of discharge (DOD). The usual charging time takes 8 hours, starting from a 20% DOD. Also, Opportunity Charging is allowed.

Battery Life: It depends on the total charge/discharge cycles, the energy taken from the battery, charging methods, and operating temperatures. Overall, it has a strong correlation to the Depth of Discharge (DOD).

Titan 220e: Complete Rear Lift of Komatsu 980

This accelerated video shows the Titan 220e lifting the complete rear axle of the Ultra Class Komatsu 980.

Titan 220e: Complete Front Lift of Komatsu 980

This accelerated video shows the Titan 220e lifting the complete front axle of the Ultra Class Komatsu 980.

Titan220e Brochure

Download Ultra Class Truck Jacking System Brochure

Get all the details of the Titan220e, SME’s internationally renowned, remote-controlled, truck jacking system for 220-440 ton class haul trucks.

Frequently Asked Questions
The Titan220e improves safety exponentially as the operator is removed from the vehicle’s footprint and manual handling of jacks and stands is eliminated. Titan220e has a primary and secondary locking system ensuring the security and stability of the truck for maintenance operations.
Yes, Titan220e has undergone 4 years of rigorous R&D testing and is now deployed and operational at multiple sites globally delivering real safety and productivity improvements.
SME specializes in hi-tech, heavy duty solutions for the international mining industry. It is a subsidiary of Nordic Minesteel Technologies Inc (NMT), specialists in horizontal and vertical solutions for underground mining. The company has decades of experience, serving global mining companies in 6 continents.
Yes. A full-suite of product support is available including deployment, training, equipment diagnostics, technical support, remote diagnostics, software support and upgrades.
Yes, a full range of adaptors to suit different OEM truck types is available - one jack lifts all.
It can be operated on a level concrete shop floor, or an outside tyre pad.
The Titan220e is designed to operate at temperatures between minus 10⁰C and 50⁰C.
Yes, and it is recommended for optimising battery life below 0⁰C, and is easy to install.

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